Why computersWTF

computersWTF offers a full range of commercial & residential I.T. solutions in Los Angeles, California.

Peace of Mind

When you hire us, you can forget about your technology woes. We’re here in LA, and just a phone call away — to ensure it all runs smoothly and securely.

Turn-Key Services

Let us be your “tech team.” Our techs can manage your home/office network, Internet service, phones, computer hardware and software, printers, A/V and security.

Financially Sound

We offer concierge-class white-glove support – even priority rush services – at competive rates and with a local, human element.  We strive to be present, do our best, and play fair.

What our customers say

“Not only did computersWTF provide all the services needed to install our home WiFi network, they also hard-wired our TVs and Adam, the owner of the company, helped me negotiate with Spectrum’s (ne Time-Warner Cable’s) bureaucracy in order to replace my modem/router for a much, much better one, to remove redundant charges from my bill and to obtain twice as fast a service up and down as we had previously – but now across the entire property. I am so glad I did all this; our greatly-enhanced, rock-solid wifi has enabled me to use it to power a Sonos speaker system through the house (also installed by computersWTF), which is an almost decadent luxury. I cannot recommend Adam and computersWTF highly enough.”

€œ”I have used computersWTF’s services since my move to LA, about 3 years ago…they have set up my systems after every move, have integrated and helped with my switch from PC to Mac, have come to my rescue whenever I’ve had an issue or did not understand all the applications and set ups. They have come to my home as well as provided remote assistance. I cannot say enough great things about this company and the knowledgeable and courteous staff. Adam and Jonathan have helped me with many problems, and I will not hesitate to enlist their help again in the future. I highly recommend this company for all your technology needs!!!”

“My husband & I had just moved to LA and needed a new computer installation right away. My neighbor highly recommended cWTF and Jonathan set us up with a new system, with which we were completely satisfied. He was patient, very thorough and a problem solver of the first magnitude. As a result of his efforts I am a much happier computer user. Also, it is comforting to know that I can call the office for help on the phone. I would recommend cWTF to anyone who needs help with tech devices.”

“Simply put, I could NOT live without my guys at ComputersWTF.  Adam, Jonathan and Chris are unparalleled when it comes to solving IT problems reliably, quickly, smartly, affordably, whether it’s a visit to my office or remotely from theirs.   It could be a software glitch, hardware problems, crashes, cabling, wiring, wifi-ing and other random problem solving, I know — without question or doubt — WTF is on my team!!  AND… they are super cute and fun to work with (which, of course, makes all the difference).”

I.T. Care, billed hourly

Technology moves at the speed of light and at computersWTF we move with it.
We keep our customer-service-driven mission in primary focus.  And after the issues are solved, we keep our billing straightforward and simple.

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We provide onsite I.T. support and remote desktop / phone consulting for tech and troubleshooting issues.  Call us now to schedule our next available appointment.

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