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Monthly Archives: December 2015

We’ve been STAMPED!!

Not only have we been stamped by Momstamp, but we’re offering a 10% discount to the whole Momstamp community!

Stop by their website and take a look at the Holiday Deals they’ve got going, then get signed up and claim your discount or discounts…it is the Holidays!!



Holiday Gift-Giving Tips from computersWTF

Need a little help with “gift-giving” inspiration? We understand that finding a gift for everyone on your list can feel daunting and impossible, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite presents for the Holidays in hopes that you may find something you’d want to purchase, whether it’s for yourself or for that hard-to-buy techie on your list.



“These multi-tip cables made my trip home for Thanksgiving so much easier. I was able to charge all of my mobile devices (Android, iPad, etc) and then some! Perfect for your brother who travels for work or for the aunt who loses her cables all the time.” – Jonathan


“I wanted to say that the best gift would be a “Forever Home” to a needy pooch (or feline) from your local animal shelter or rescue group such as Sante d’Or, but since that gift comes along with a good bit of responsibility, I would have to go with this…BEST SHOW EVER!!!  “- Chris


“If you’re like me and you embrace technology yet feel you look at the screen waaay too much, this book, The Luddite’s Guide To Technology, could be for you….


“….and if that isn’t you thing, then this Steampunk watch by Tesla is a most-excellent backup present!”  – Adam



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