We’ve had a rash of customers attacked by ransomware recently. Particularly the Locky ransomware, and previously the Cryptolocker attack.


We want to urge all of you to have a backup plan in place and make sure you contact us if you need any help developing one. You can also make use of cloud backup services like Crashplan or the Dropbox Pro edition. Services like these offer recovery of previous versions of your files, so even if the ransomware overwrites ALL of  your files stored in the cloud – which we HAVE seen –  you can revert them back up to 30 days.  

Local backups like Time Machine or Windows Backup, where you backup data to an external hard drive or USB drive, can also become encrypted by ransomware if the backup drives are left connected to the computer all the time. This renders them useless as a restore-source-point for saving or getting back your files.

Please note: We have even seen cases where PAYING the ransom (often 1 Bitcoin, which currently = over $700 USD) does NOT release the ransomed data. They just take the money and disappear.

Our partner Drivesavers offers to negotiate ransom payments and does not charge you unless they recover/unlock your data.

Be alert, vigilant and have a plan – it will save you and your data in the long run!